18 Sep

The first day's theme is 'Your Surroundings', which is all about focusing on your surrounding environment especially those structures from buildings and any kinds of constructions and use them into patterns or mark-making. This is straightly related to the shape and structure in the fashion part.

I was not so interested in this sort of sketching so I got bored very quickly in the first place. So I decided to focus on just one or two parts of the building. 

It became kinda fun when you really concentrated on little parts so see the clear textures on the surface of the building and the combination of them. 

I chose a wooden pillar and the metal beam connected to it in my painting. I used the black shadow as the background to highlight the structure.

Then we were told to one shape from the sketches you just did, worked in groups and randomly drew the shapes on the the sketch book combined together. Nobody knew what shapes you gonna make with others .

FT - 1 - Reflection - Pattern (5).JPG

You were then told to cut three shapes from the painting you did with others and cut them off the white paper sheets. I chose one form the initial sketch I made and two other from the big painting made together and then present them into different garments on the model. I wanted to do something different so I used the paper to cover half of the model's face and still left the glasses on so it was kinda funny like a Halloween costume.FT - 1 - Reflection - Pattern (3).jpg


FT - 1 - Reflection - Pattern (4).jpg




19 Sep

On the day two we brought five of our daily objects and arranged them into different orders by their scales, colors, shapes by appearance or even values, functions, meanings.

Then we started to use different materials into the combination of objects. Our group used a camera and a empty bottle as the basis and then used dark green cotton thread to wind up around them and connect them and draw them from a hole cut in a piece of paper. So you could get a special sight and you will not be affected by the objects but just focus on the image you see through the hole.

We also drew the whole scene using different pens. I liked this part the best for that I really enjoyed using light and shadow to highlight the outlines of objects with just simple colors. It also had a little bit of abstract sense since I didn't completely copy what I saw but change the outline and ignore some details.

FT - 2 - Reflection - Drawing (1).jpg

We also use plastic file pocket as the basic material and add more things onto it and used a projector to enlarge them onto the wall. The patterns you just made were totally different if presented on a larger scale so that you could see the very details inside it. Also because you use different materials with different transparencies, when they were all black and white with just light colors, it became a different patterns on the wall and different painting on your sketch book. It's a good way to develop your painting when you even didn't know what you gonna make.

We also used our own bodies to create shapes. We made a triangle out of three of us and then turned the shape into paper. It's kinda fun when I found out three of us are with white, black and yellow skin colors, so it was an international triangle : )

FT - 2 - Research - Shape (2).JPG.1


FT - 2 - Reflection - Drawing (5).jpg


21 Sep

Today is more about the fashion illustration and styling.

We played the roles of both stylist and model. Using the garments, cloths, accessories from the class or we brought from home. 

We tried different methods of painting like keeping the same position of holding the pen, changing the pen at the middle of painting process, painting with the music playing, painting while the model staying still or keeping moving non-stop.

I disliked some of today's work for that I always love making really complete and finished painting so I only drew some outlines, leaving lots of blank space on the paper for myself to finish .

We also created some patterns and use them instead of the paints when drawing the whole scene of several models posing together.

FT - 3 - Reflection - Painting (3).jpg

I really like this painting I drew the basic outlines in the class when closing my eyes and finished later. When you close your eyes you can finish with some changing body parts different from the normal painting. In terms of the painting materials I chose to use crayon to show the textile and red marker. I only finished half part of the body since I thought leaving more blank space gives a feeling of light shining from one side, like the model is really standing under the lights.



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