2 Oct

In today's project we are supposed to use two words given randomly as the theme and make something out of image as the final outcome.

Our group's words are




First, we thought psychological refer more to our thoughts, what's going on in our minds and they are all subjective. Meanwhile, body is not so conceptual.

We soon started to use the word 'psychological' as the way we think about the word 'body'. Body can refer to and symbolize human so a 'psychological body' is more like do something with the human body in a conceptual way.

We decided to go with the idea that 'people are different in others'eyes because we are human, we are emotional animals, so if we stop adding subjective emotion in when looking at others, you would find out that everyone is the same without the features about your background, your color, your race, your nationality, etc'.

The basic plan for this project is to combine different human bodies together and blur the boundary between them. The more bodies we collected, the less clear the boundaries will be. We will take different parts from different bodies and make a new person with various kinds of features. So you cannot really use define him/her in a traditional way. No psychological any more.

Inspired by The Vitruvian Man from Leonardo Da Vinci, we ask everyone we want to take a photograph of to do the same pose as the one in the painting. I see the masterpiece from Da Vinci as some kind of symbol of god. So the photographs are like general humans copying the pose with the god.

When editing the images, we tried to connect the lines that don't match because they are taken from different people. We also leave some of it to make it feel more free. 

 the final outcome

child outcome.png


3 Oct

Today is more about printing and mark making.



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