9 Oct


I learned from the presentation that a piece of work in JFFA doesn't have to be clearly seen fro a distance, sometimes it works very well when you focus on a tiny piece on one small part on your body. When the audience look at your work it's like a micro-world they are looking at which is quite interesting compared with the normal-sized body.

At the same time, a JFFA work can be made up of several parts on different body parts. They are working in a system together to convey the idea.And the model showing them nornmally have trouble doing some poses since some parts of their body are locked, so the whole thing is like a small show including the still image and moving performance.


As the beginning of the whole projects, we were told to brainstorm and make thirty designs in thirty minutes based on three words ' surround ' ' suspend ' ' support ', ten for each. 

5-1-surround & support.jpg            5-1-suspend.jpg.1

 I thought the process of doing so is not about making good design but about doing a small brainstorm. You tended to make similar things due to the limited time so you have to keep forcing yourself to forget about what you just did and come up with a new one. It may be a good way to remain creative and for self-training.

I picked three from my initial drafts, one for each word. The first one about 'surround' is quite like half of one pair of glass. I saw the world 'surround ' as the informative modern world and use colorful plastic sheets combined to symbolize the huge amount of information we are exposed to in daily life.

The second one for ' suspend ' consists of a huge metal ring going through a woman's body with other supportive parts around the waist. It's a symbol of people using virginity as the only standard to judge a woman, severely offending female sexual freedom, or just the general freedom of women.

I chose the third one and developed it eventually.  

I like experimenting with human body so my initial idea was already something related to the conceptual human body.

I've collected materials about pieces that are fitting the skin or ignoring the human figure, for protection or as a symbol of attack. Based on those incompatible ideas, I wanted to make something as a restriction and basic structure of human life.

In the real world, with the highly developed technology and modern society, sometimes people think they can transform the nature for their own benefits and should do it first before being threatened by nature. This piece is like a reminder of the fragile human body life, a warning sign indicating that we should show more respect to the nature.

Based on the research, I designed it as a skeleton out of human body using paper straw as it can remain its shape even after being folded.

About the final outcome, I displayed it on the model and told her stare at something like in a sad mood, praying in her mind.

Longinus on Anastasiia (3).png




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