One thing that interested me about the presentation is that more and more chairs are designed (including using different materials)to manage to fit the human body and relax them instead of causing uncomfortablity.



DSW Chair, Charles and Eames, 1950

5-2-DSW Chiar, Charles and Eames, 1950.jpg

Fresh Fat Chair, Tom Dixon

5-2-Fresh Fat C hair, Tom Dixon.jpg

Throne of Weappns, Cristóvão Canhavato, 2001

Throne of Weapons, Kester Canhavato, 2001 @britishmuseum.jpg

Matthew Ronay 's work reminds me of human organs after the outer body ---- skin, muscle and bones are gone.


Polypropylene Chair, Robin Day, 1963

5-2-Polypropylene Chair, Robin Day, 1963.jpg

Clay Chair, Martin Baas

5-2-Clay Chair, Martin Baas.jpg

Do-Hit Chair, Droog

Boiled Leather Chair, Simon Hasan

5-2-Boiled Leather Chair, Simon Hasan.jpg

Matthew Ronay

Matthew Ronay @gmnh_award_chief_.jpg

When doing the observation, I noticed the back of the chair played a key role in the whole "people sitting in the chair" process. Almost everyone leaned on it when sitting, not to mention those various stuff put on it ---- bag/coat/.... It felt like chair is not a seperated object but a wearable thing like a suit of armour and you like just stand up with the chair sticking firmly to your back.

This gave me two different but connected ideas about the position that worn-out people leaning on the chair. One is to imagine the chair melting with a person on it ---- just like a "Chair Potato". The other one is the twisted body just for a good and relaxing position.

John Krubsack

5-2-John Krubsack tree chairs (2).jpg
5-2-John Krubsack tree chairs.jpg

Peter Cook and Becky Noryhey

5-2-Tree Chairs, Peter Cook and Becky Northey.jpg

Hot metal on ice

When you put a boiling metal ball on the ice, the ice will quickly melt as the shape of the ball. When it stops, you can see a clear shape ---- just like what a person can do to a sofa after long-time sitting.

5-2-annabel on the sofa (1).png.1


5-2-annabel on the sofa (2).png


5-2-metal on the ice (1).png.1
5-2-metal on the ice (2).png.1
5-2-metal on the ice (3).png.1


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