11 Oct


Another part focuses on the shapes we left on the chair like a very soft sofa. The basic idea came from a heap of soil or a piece of butter. Clear shapes can be seen when you put something heavy and hot on it for a period of time. The initial idea was to use aluminum sheet to construct a cube and then leave shapes on it.

Model on sofa ---- changing the shape

the shape has been made

Hot metal reshapes the ice

When you put a boiling metal ball on the ice, the ice will quickly melt as the shape of the ball. When it stops, you can see a clear shape ---- just like what a person can do to a sofa after long-time sitting.

ideas and model made of aluminum sheet

Melting Chair

Inspired by the position that people lean on the back of chair and some works from other artists above, I decided to realize the idea of melting.

The idea is divided into two parts:

One part is about the person. The model will show the twisted position and pose they made on the chair ---- mainly because of a whole day of work ---- which I decided to use wire as the basic lines of human body and imaginary bones. At the same time, the chair itself will be partly broken to show a lack of function of support ---- the unlucky person will have to help support the chair and him/herself as well, playing the role of parts of the chair.

Based on the classic chair and combined with idea of melting, the new model use the extending plastic seat to support instead the metal legs


For the development, I was thinking to make the wire real patterns printed on the chair (only the supportive legs and arm are made of other materials like metal).

body-shaped wire on the chair

I used wire to make a pattern-like human part on the chair. Based on his/her position, I extend the legs and one arm to reach the ground as the missing chair legs.

Gesture display


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