23 Nov

During the lecture and presentation and after the class, I went through a lot of art pieces and got inspired by the various methods the artists used in the painting / image-making :

Avery Singer used just black and white to depict the figure of daily objects while combing them together

Gordon Cheung used uncommon materials like newspaper, acrylic and sand to convey a futuristic feeling.

Ian Monroe put metal sheets of similar colors but different scales together, like some modern architecture, and displayed them in 2D way.

L.C.Armstrong used different materials like bomb fuse, resin, cotton board and paint with smoke, focused on depicting single object.


Another important thing I learnt from the class and those works is to keep documenting your work at every stage of your making process and never be afraid to cover or re-do your old work.


Inspired by the concept of ' cyberpunk ', I'd like to create something about :

  • informative and futuristic world, dystopia and doomsday
  • faith collapse and the weakening religious power
  • out-of-control technology, organic and biomechatronic body, definition of ourselves


I'm already a massive fan of and fully inspired by Cyberpunk and the masterpiece . I guess the whole interest comes from the imagination of what's next about our society and world (which I kinda dislike) and I always prefer two opposite versions of  it :

  •  a huge retrogress that the current civilization totally collapses    or
  •  a dystopia future world, quite like a cyberpunk one


Based on the materials I collected, I started with simple collage of Hong Kong street views and a strange stair combined together.

I was not aware of what to do when looking for the materials. Hence the pictures I used couldn't match by scale. But this turned out to be something interesting since the small street and huge stair contrasted with each other.


To develop with, I put more things beside centering on that. Because the cyberpunk cities always seem crowded and filled with lights, making itself more like pattern, I decided to copied the existing image I made to form a bigger one. 



24 Nov

I finished the work in the first stage of collages with a background inspired by neon lights and circuit board made with various kinds of materials yesterday. But I decided to develop it ( re-do this ) or try other things.

I was greatly inspired by the lecture yesterday about the part that how those artists make things and what methods they took to finish their works. It is not only about the way they paint, collage, or etc, but the attitude they took towards their art-making.

For example, Justin Mortimer usually used people and objects to model before doing the painting. He used the general color and outline from his photograph to make the painting. So I decided to give up focusing on the details and finding different ways to display the greatly simplified scenery of cyberpunk world by showing them with dots, lines, and color shapes.

I started with different ways of using those pictures I collected like cutting them into strips and knitting them. Then I wanted to blur the image of the cities and use the outlines of it only. So I used color and black paints as the background and draw lines and dots on top of it with metallic marker or other paper materials. I also used taps in the painting which I later found a useful materials for that the taps are usually used in daily life which already gives a feeling of constructing materials.





Cyberpunk is set up as a highly-technological version of dystopia world, usually digital. And it's based on the imagination and worries that extreme power and out-of-control techniques threaten the human beings and cause global crisis.

According to those who first defined the cyberpunk like Bruce Sterling, it is also featured with people's daily life impacted by rapid technological change, which will soon lead to an ubiquitous datasphere of computerized information invasive modification of the human body.

Under such circumstance, people living in such worlds can easily have a faith collapse ---- it happened every time in history there appeared a huge rise in productivity.

 So I started to work with human figure.

I tried different figures from human, cyborgs to classical portraits of human and god.

In terms of materials, I tried fine line, color and black maker pen, metallic maker, water color paints, color inks, iridescent bronze ink in different ways ( like dropping the ink in the wet paper to spread, forming patterns itself ).



When combining the two part I've finished, I cut the portrait in half and left the upper one for, used little rectangles of the colors from the portrait itself to finish the lower missing part, making it like it's being pixelated ----> the signals and digital world.


Reflective Writing - 23 Nov

  • What have I learnt from today’s session?

The most thing I learnt from today’s lecture is about undoing and remaking your work. When creating an image via painting, collaging, etc, considering capture the moments of every stage of your making, and then try something new.

Like Justin Mortimer, who always use objects and model for photographing before he does the painting, I was thinking about how to remake my work, which is just collage at first, by covering with paints or doing a new sketch, then adding more materials and making it more abstract.

The feeling of a twisted world from those artists’ works inspire me a lot considering that my idea about Cyberpunk and Utopia. Technological and urban city-like patterns beside, artists like Luiz Zerbini and L.C.Armstrong use plants in their painting in a abnormal way, making it more mysterious and unreal.


  • Which 3 artists from the ppt am I planning to research?

David Schnell – mainly use squares of some certain colours trying to build up a space like digital and informative world. The colours combination gives a feeling of mixed signals and somehow of a sytle close to

Justin Mortimer – His works are very photographic and close to reality ( or unreality ), focusing on selected and exaggerated objects or body parts and negative colours, unique and mysterious.

Toba Khedoori – simple lines and colours, painting are always dark and about comparison of light and shadow, striking, conveying power of silence.

  • What methods/materials/process did I use today?

Mostly collaging

cut-off images and some laser film paper

  • What sketch/plan/model will I develop tomorrow?

I am going to develop the collage today and try to multiply it into patterns, using the combination of pieces of image to create the image of cyberpunk and adding more materials like laser film paper.

  • What materials do I need for tomorrow?

Tracing and multiplying the image

Black card, wood board, paints and wire.


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