26 Oct

I was impressed by the videos sometimes because of the content sometimes because of the way the artist edit it.

Honestly, I prefer to those well-made videos ---- sometimes more like a short movie ---- foe that they always play the selected images which all mean something.


We are supposed to use a found footage as part of our work. I always had special interest in topics about the humanity , future world, so I chose a part from Blade Runner, 1982. The part is about the main character checking the camera tap to find his target ---- a female cyborg who needs to be 'shut down'.

Partly inspired by the concept of the movie itself ---- the relationship between human and artificial intelligence, I wanted to make a video more about asking ourselves or something that can interact with the audience to make them do the same thing ---- asking yourself about who you truly are.

For more additional materials, I chose several movies and documentaries I really love with similarity in the concepts.

I wanted to use <Ex Machina> for more questioning about the AI ---- it's a higher level of life form and are human beings ready to live with it?

<Hanna> tells a story about a girl whose gene got modification before she was born revenging against those who did the things. I used some parts about that she got caught and interrogated on purpose and then made her way out like a experiment object which is  out of control to remind that even it's just a human with little change, he or she is still dangerous and beyond our assumption. Are we ready for a new form of life?

The Chinese documentary <Behemoth> focuses on the environment pollution in the Inner Mongolia area and the victims ---- mainly poor workers ---- who are forever affected by that. The director wanted to show a sharp conflict between us and nature which is kinda close to what I want to say in my video ---- Are human strong enough to be in charge? Are we really capable of doing anything we want as long as the technology keeps developing?

Because monitor camera plays a important role in some of the materials and of course my final video, so I also make a lot of flashing images just like the camera screen in the paragraph from <Blade Runner>. It also adds anxious feelings which I want the audience to feel themselves when watching this. Based on this, I cut the materials into broken images and sounds ---- not connected with paused in between and then combine them together.

I didn't have a clue what it would be like in the first place since I just put different tracks together to see what it was like. And it turned out pretty well. Different images and sounds match each other a little bit but didn't match a lot, creating a feeling of a story broken into pieces.

I used some voice-over from the movie <Ghost In The Shell 2.0> of the ancient poems and line about puppets and robots. I also use the Mongolian Khoomei form the documentary <Behemoth> as the background music of my video. It's a primitive way of singing from Mongolian. It added more rough but mysterious feelings of nature, feeling like asking : where are we going ?

I also experimented with a lot of ways of playing the video. I didn't want my video to be like a traditional video which means I don't want the audience feel clearly that they are watching a video when they watch it. So I gave up those ideas about playing it in the TV screen and keep looking for something new.

At the end, I got inspired by my own work ---- there are several scenes in <Behemoth> that a man is walking carrying a mirror with him. The mirror really looks like a part of the environment. So I decided to make the screen more like a mirror ---- it's different from a traditional screen so the audience won't keep telling themselves : I'm watching a video. Also, you can look at yourself in the mirror so the screen can make the audience ask questions to themselves by showing their own images. 

30 Oct

I named my second video 'Darwin'. It's fully inspired by one show from Alexander Mcqueen in 2010 called 'Plat's Atlantis'. It mainly focused on a biological hybridization of women with sea mammals and got inspired by the concept of the origin of the species. My idea is quite similar. It's about the whole human beings going back as one to the nature. It's like the baby going back to his or her mother. So I used a video shot for the fashion show as the basis and find more materials which all have human bodies.

I did a lot work to match the images and different parts to the soundtrack since it's got really strong rhythms. I added images showing bodes winding up and touching each other together, blurring the boundary between individuals.

Since the initial has little religious color. I also used some materials , especially with people posing or in a position like a god or someone holy. I think it is so striking when you see the rough natural things with some religious elements together.

For the soundtrack, I used a song of only human voice talking really fast like a machine. When I added it into the video with other existing sounds, it sounds interesting for that different sound tracks have totally different styles from electronic music to chant.


Some of the students like the way I use the naked bodies and they love the spooky and mysterious style.

I especially like some other videos because the authors really know how to make the best of the colors and music. For example when playing some violence scenes, the author made the whole video red. It's really striking and perfectly fit the content of the video.

I think I want to explore more about purely focusing on editing the video itself. I think I have something in common in the two videos I made and that is I rely on the content too much. I am not sure whether it is a good thing  or not considering that I always want to express myself or concentrate on some clear topics.So normally I tend to choose those materials which already have strong and complex content like movies and documentaries and therefore there is not so much space for me to re-edit it.





---------> see my videos in the following page ' Moving Image for Fine Art 4D ' !


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